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Is Christ Risen In You?

The Body of Christ was this last weekend remembering the death and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. But many saints don't recognize that the cross isn't a place of only receiving from God, but a place of divine exchange. In this powerful sermon addressed to the saints, Dr. Reverend John Dikki asks an important and awakening question--Is Christ Risen In You? Listen and Be Blessed.
John 20:16-17, Matthew 17:9, Romans 6:5
April 12, 2020 by Ps John Dikki

We Need Him Now More Than Ever

Evangelist Confidence Hommie brings a word ever in season, whose subject matter is the greatest need that the Lord Jesus Christ thought the church had before He ascended to Heaven--the person of the Holy Spirit. The church's need for God the Spirit has not reduced over the ages, but it has grown only more. Listen to this refreshing and inspired word, and be blessed.
John 16:7-10, John 16:13-14
April 5, 2020 by Evangelist Confidence

Making Promises To God

Dr. Reverend John Dikki continues the current teaching series with this third part titled, Making Promises to God. Listen and be blessed, as the deep dive into understanding the solemnity of our promises goes deeper still.
Luke 14:28
March 29, 2020

Should I, Must I Make Promises to God?

Pastor John Dikki follows up and provides further insights into last week's message with another titled, "Should I, Must I Make Promises to God?" Listen and be blessed.
Luke 9:62
March 22, 2020 by Ps John Dikki

Stop Being A Fool; Fulfill Your Promises To God

Reverend Dr. John Dikki brings the Saints a sobering word about the seriousness of the promises we make in the words we speak and in our worship to God. This message will change your life. Listen and be blessed.
Ecclesiastes 5:1-2
March 15, 2020 by Ps John Dikki

An Excellent Spirit (A Better Version of You)

Elder George Agbanyo teaches us how to walk as with An Excellent Spirit--that which the Prophet Daniel possessed that caused him to be preferred above great men of his time. What is it that set him apart and how can we have access to it? Listen and find out more. Be blessed.
Daniel 6:3
March 8, 2020 by Elder George

When You Can’t Understand, And No Answers

Every Saint has been or will come to a point in their lives when they can't understand what God is saying or doing about situations in their lives and around them. What do you do when you are in such a place? Listen and Be Blessed
Ecclesiastes 11:5, Deuteronomy 29:29, Hebrews 11:6
March 1, 2020 by Ps John Dikki

The Time Repentance May Be Too Late

Pastor John Dikki brings an ever-relevant word from the Lord that comes to rouse saints and sinners that sleep. The door is fast closing; there will not always be time to repent. Now is the acceptable time, now is the day of salvation. Listen and be blessed.
Proverbs 1:27-29, 2 Corinthians 6:1-2, Isaiah 55:6-7
February 23, 2020 by Ps John Dikki

Don’t Fall In Love With A Liar

It’s that season again. Valentines! And once more, the Mother of the House Blesses us with a beautiful sermon “Don’t fall in Love with a Liar” in which she mentions a number of lies that the enemy whispers to us that make us doubt God’s love towards us. Be blessed as you listen.
John 8:44b, Numbers 23:19
February 16, 2020 by Elder Ann Dikki

Gold In The Furnace

The mother of the house, Elder Ann Dikki, brings a word of encouragement that speaks of the divine purpose of our God in letting us experience trials of many kinds and also of how greatly valuable we are to Him.
1 Peter 1:6-7
February 9, 2020 by Elder Ann Dikki
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