Music Ministry 

When the praises go up, His glory comes down!

More about music ministry 

Greetings from HICF Worship team where we unapologetically proclaim the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through songs of praise and worship .We are a body of believers who serve God with our gifts and talent and have been a part of HICF for about 15 years and more .We testify of God’s goodness as we have been adding into the number hence growing as a unit.

You too are welcome in this exciting journey of stewardship and service to God.

How to Join

  1. A). You must have given your life genuinely to the Lord.
  2.  B). You must be a consistent member of the church, attending for at least one month. 
  3.  C). You must indicate your interest by approaching the Worship Leader.
  4.  D). You must try out for the band.
  5.  E). You must attend a month of practices without worship serving on Sunday’s. 
  6.  F). You must receive permission to become a band member.
  7. G). You must sign yourself up on our easy signup sheet. 


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Join HICF Music Ministry
Join HICF Music Ministry

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CONTACT: 18758579552

TEAM LEADER: Lizzy Jimmy Madatta


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