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Praise to our Lord and Father for all the miraculous things that he does for us. We owe it to Him always and constantly to give Him praise. This is why we Praise Him and want to come into His presence!! Amen.

The HICF BAND consists of members of the congregation who have put themselves forward to volunteering to serve the Lord through Song and Praises. Most of the members have vast knowledge and experience with music, whilst some others are just beginners. 

All are Welcome who can show some talent or potential in the music

How to Join

Currently the church houses a limited number of instrument that are backed up with amplifiers, speakers and various types of microphones. This means that most musicians can participate weekly on any instrument of choice - so long as the song list allows.

First and foremost, each worship band-member must have given their lives genuinely to the Lord and must also have been a consistent member of the church for at least a month. Once these conditions have been met, there are some more procedures that must be adhered to in order to join the band as a full-time member.

  1. Indicate your interest by approaching the Worship Leader
  2. Organise with the Worship leader when to schedule a try out for the band.
  3. Attend a month of practices without worship serving on Sunday's
  4. Finally, receive permission to become a band member and sign yourself up on our easy signup sheet.

Before one can serve in the HICF Band one must have meet the Minimum Requirements required by the Church


Taona Karimanzira (Coordinator)
Tel: (+86) 131 1678 3727
Church Hotline (+86) 130 8281 0672