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HICF’S Men Fellowship is one of the outreach arms of Hangzhou International Christian Fellowship. It was established in September 26th, 2009 by men who saw the need to create a forum whereby we can meet outside the church for a variety of issues or interests (ranging from: having meals together, games and sporting events, fishing, hiking, visitation, organizing public functions, praying and studying God’s Word.)

The majority of our members are from HICF but there are also some non- HICF attendees.

HICF’S Men’s Fellowship is open to all. Whether you are coming to live, or just passing through Hangzhou, we are happy if you can join us for one of our Saturday morning breakfast meetings.

We look forward to hearing from you. We welcome suggestions that will help us improve and achieve what God has for us to do while we are in this land.


To help recognize, develop and unleash God’s unique gifts/skills/talents in every man for the singular purpose of ministering God’s grace in its various forms for ourselves, the Church, the local community and the world at large.

What we do:

A.    for ourselves

Meet to share our experiences (from work, traveling, social interactions)

From time to time: Members compile and share literature and audiovisual resources

We meet for out-door functions: games, mountain/climbing/hiking, fishing, visiting landmark scenic spots.

Have brief updates on government policies, international/local news and employment.

Share testimonies, personal stories, pray and study the Word of God

Support one another in various ways

Share riddles, jokes, ice breakers and have fun

B.    for the church

Mentoring young men by using Biblical benchmarks; inviting young men and women for meals, snacks, visits to scenic parks or sharing a sporting event together.Focusing on getting to know them personally, listening, and helping, supporting and advising, as well as praying with them as the opportunity arises.

C.    for the community

We organize public functions, inviting both the locals and foreign expat community: We have adventure series programs and health awareness programs on major illnesses affecting the community

We support community organizations and non government schools for the disabled – like Carnation School for autistic children


Our aims, goals and objectives

To go beyond the borders of cultures, background, race, education or social status. Openly share our feelings and fears.

Talking about issues such as relationships, commitment, sexism, anger, competition, male role models, and fatherhood.

By God’s grace move men from:                                                                                                                                                              

                -    Being alone to connecting with God and to other men

                -    Relational failure to success.

                -    Insecurity to security in Jesus Christ

                -    Pretense to sincerity and honesty

                 -    Secrecy to openness and accountability to one another and to God


Ps. John Dikki (Coordinator)
Tel: (+86) 130 9377 5744
Church Hotline: (+86) 130 8281 0672